Encouraging Nigerian children to be inclined in technology.

It’s so sad to know that most of the young adults who have access to a smart-phone can’t operate a computer basically, while it is never too late for anyone to learn any new skill as long as the individual is interested in learning, it is actually a form of setback for any society or country not to prioritize computer studies for young kids in this 21st century that we are.   The educational system that we run in Nigeria is so poor that computer is so alien to young kids especially those who come from humble backgrounds they don’t really know the basic uses of a computer device. Yet we claim we are progressing or let me use the word developing, whereas there can be no development in the world today without the extensive use of computer.
The world we live in today is so immersed in the usefulness of technology we can hardly do anything without making use of any technological gadget, the world that lies ahead of us is not going to be technological alone, it is going to be heavily dependent on artificial intelligence yet we are teaching our children to live a very crude life. also we all know that the educational upbringing in the western world is different from ours ,because looking at the curriculum  been taught in our schools which  are mostly abut repetition of what has been taught for the last 20-30 years ago which is a major setback. Even farming in the developed world is not in the crude phase any more, as long as we are not going to make our children wake up to the life that lies ahead of them they will always be treated as third world citizens.
It is not the end of the world that most Nigerian parents are crude when it comes to the world of technology, but rarely will you find a household in Nigeria that doesn’t have a young adult who can help the younger ones in the right path where these kids can learn how to maximize and at least catch up with the rest of the world .The sad thing about this is that most people who want to give their children computing awareness can’t afford it but that is not enough  so far we have a strong resolve to improve our children intellectual .Technology has so many conventional and unconventional advantages in this century .As much as we need  government to provide conducive technological learning environment and facilities for our kids, I strongly believe this revolution starts from our individual families as to me early exposure to knowledge brings about vast Improvement and enlightenment.                           
My advice to all parent or guardian is to ensure that their children get engage in computing ,let teach our young ones the basics of technology ,let advice and guide them into making good use of the provided gadget with them and not just wait for the government to do things for us . parents or guardians should strategize and make sure that  our younger ones get early exposure on what going on and not to depend too much  on  school curriculum but rather we keep them enlightened on various technological skills and also computing skills they can acquire.  

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